Charlotte Represented in the USA South

As many of you know, Charlotte Rugby Club has a a legacy talent, producing both Top Class Rugby, and elite level players. Over the years, a number of our players have had the distinct honor of playing for their nation under the banner of the USA Rugby South Panthers select side. We are eternally proud of these stellar men and women, and would like to use this opportunity to give acknowledgement to their hard work and dedication to the sport. Whatever challenge awaits them in the Capital Rugby Union side, you can expect these men to answer the challenge with grace, wisdom, speed, and tenacity.

On the Men’s side, we have received word that utility player Ryan “Smiley” Malloy, and veteran winger Ty Elkins are both to don the Panthers kit once more as they face off against Capital Rugby Union. Smiley has had a tremendously successful defensive rugby campaign in recent years, and is excited to go full throttle in this match as well. His ferocity far exceeds his stature, and if you don’t know what he looks like, just watch out for the player who makes his presence known at every crucial tackle. Ty is no stranger to top level rugby, and is a familiar face in the South Panthers line-up. You can expect the fleet-footed Elkins to terrorize the opposition back-line with his dangerous step, and blistering pace.

Representing Charlotte’s D1 women we have powerful loose forward Ericka “Cobra” Everhart, and the arguably the most threatening backline duo in the south in Jen Moser, and Amanda Watkins. It didn’t take Ericka long to figure out just how to make opposition defenses miserable. Her hard runs, and powerful fends have created countless scoring opportunities for the Green & Orange. Jen brings pace and creativity to the wing, and you can expect her to put on such a confident display of ball-in-hand rugby this weekend as well. Both repeat representatives for the USA Rugby South, Moser will be connecting with All-star Full Back Amanda “DP” Watkins to shut down break aways on defense, and carve up opposition on offense. Amanda has hawk-like vision for openings in attack, and exploits them skillfully. Calm under pressure, you can expect Watkins to put consistent pressure on even the swiftest of backlines.

We would also like to recognize a friendly face in this weekend’s rugby challenge. Jinnie “JP” Pratt of Houston Athletic will be making an appearance for the USA South. Pratt, a former Charlotte Rugby utility back will be reconnecting with her old comrads. Her remarkable ball handling, and knowledge of the game are sure to fan the flame the CRFC women will be bringing to the Panthers side. This will be a big weekend for the USA South, and Charlotte Rugby as it displays a tradition of excellence, even before the main season begins. Come support the CRFC family down at Furman University as they answer the call-up of the USA Rugby South!