Reflection: Spring 2019 Men's Season Opener

This Past weekend saw Charlotte Rugby Club’s Men face off against cross-town combatants, the Charlotte Barbarians RFC. Graced with a break from the unfavorably wet conditions of recent, CRFC were able to mount a successful debut on the day. Player depth was tremendous, and supporter turnout was brilliant; both greatly appreciated by the club and coaching staff.

On the pitch, the men were committed to implementing the new game pattern that they have been fine tuning for the past few months. Slowly but surely the lads have adapted to the new playing style, and have shown on Saturday that they are easing nicely into the structure. This comes just in time, as the Charlotte Barbarians were unyielding at scrum time, and in contact. Discipline was absolutely crucial for CRFC as the Barbarians quickly, and aggressively pounced on all penalties and handling errors. This served the Barbarians well, as their persistence and physicality punished CRFC with 3 consecutive tries late in the match. The rivals’ surge taught the boys the important lesson that there are consequences to letting up on defensive structure. Training this week has re-emphasized these fundamental principles.

Charlotte Rugby Club would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the Charlotte Barbarians for coming through in full force, and for providing such an invaluable challenge! We wish you the very best of luck and success in your Spring campaign. The club would also like to thank the many fans, spectators, and supporters who showed up to enjoy the home opener. Without your continued backing, rugby in this great city would not be the fulfilling endeavor that it has been for all of us.