The Charlotte Rugby Club Deck Project

The Skillbeck Athletic field at the Charlotte Rugby Club has been a landmark facility in the rugby community for decades. As a premier location in the southeast and one of the few clubhouses on the Eastern seaboard, our beloved facility has been utilized to host many incredible events, such as USA Rugby playoffs, tournaments, and championship matches. We've also hosted various private and community events, all of the Charlotte Rugby Club's home games, and many other local teams' games and practices.

The time has come to replace/expand the deck at the clubhouse. Fundraising is beginning now in order to schedule the repairs and replacement for July 2019. With your charitable contribution, we will be one step closer to keeping our club as the best place to play rugby in the Southeast. Please take a moment to read further about the project and make a donation to our GoFundMe page. All donations, regardless of size are appreciated and considering charitable giving (therefore tax deductible!)